A Golden Era

This essay is taken as it is from a post made by WarderDragon, aka Nicholas the Old, on Baja Stratics Forum. Although not perfect or complete, it proves to be a worthy read.

*Edit: Golden Brew Tavern has risen like a Phoenix since the publishing of this essay. You can find it within the new city of Golden located in Trammel under the management of Kita Talith*

The End Of The Golden Era:
The Golden Brew Tavern Has Fallen.
By WarderDragon
December 26, 2008.

Dear Citizens of Baja,

It is with great regret and deep sorrow that I have to inform you of the collapse of the Golden Brew Tavern. For those who don’t already know, the Golden Brew Tavern has essentially been the premiere roleplaying destination of the Baja Shard for more than ten years now. Since their inception in August 1998, the tavern has been a gathering place of roleplayers of all different persuations and alignments; whether they were Rangers of the Realm, Sailors of the Kingdom of Lumaria, or Initiates of the Dark Tower. It was the location of many famous and infamous events over the years, including A Wild Goose Chase for Mendur’s Daughter, the celebration following the Serpents War (a long war between the Knights of the Silver Serpent and the Shadow Imperium), and a rendition of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Kita Talith.

When Computer Games Online interviewed Raph Koster (Designer Dragon), one of the original developers of Ultima Online, they asked him “What was UO’s biggest triumph?”, he replied:

I think that we were successful in making a more dynamic environment than what was the norm. It wasn’t anywhere near what we’d hoped for, but it was enough, I think. We got that amazing player economy, we got those player towns, and theater troupes -shout out to the Golden Brew players here – and just this stunning array of guilds and the like. I don’t know that the level of community involvement, and of so many microcommunities, has manifested anywhere else.

The Golden Brew originated near the Justice Shrine in Felucca, and subsequently moved to the same location in Trammel following the release of Ultima Online: Renaissance. They spread out, eventually developing the City of Golden around the tavern, and building the Golden Mage Tower south-west of Ravenshire. They moved once more when the Baja Roleplaying Community (BRC) decided to migrate en masse to Malas, the Golden Brew being set-up just south of Luna while the other roleplaying guilds built the cities of Grimswind (The Rangers of the Realm, the Tiberian Temple, etc) and Scythe (The Dark Tower and Shadow Imperium).

They were one of the few establishments to weather the subsequent collapse of the Baja Roleplaying Community. Grimswind City and Scythe both disappeared; along with Ravenshire, New Lumaria, and Fairhaven within months of one another. The darkest hour came just prior to the Samurai Empire expansion when Lady Ivy, a well-known community leader involved in just about every large roleplaying community on the Baja Shard, announced an event a month in advance at the Golden Brew that no-one showed up for. The roleplayers were all but completely gone from the Baja Shard.

Ultima Stratics reported on the new Golden Brew Tavern in 2005.

Last visited by Brystol Lyonhart – 05/09/2005 Coordinates: 76° 12′ N, 23° 41′ W – Malas

Many people have enjoyed being a customer of the Golden Brew since its original inception way back on August 6, 1998. Originally located in the Felucca Shard, the Brew eventually upgraded and moved, foundation and all, over to the Trammel Shard. It was here that it spent most of it’s years and where many current players have stopped by for an ale or two. Both of these locations were just up the coast North by Northeast of the Shrine of Justice. Throughout the years it was also surrounded by a town dubbed “Golden“, named after the tavern that it was built around.

As time tends to do with all things, the Brew changed again in 2005 – People moved on to other worlds and new residents moved in. However, some of the original owners of The Golden Brew and members of The Golden Knights (who built the Brew) – Namely Joshua Rowan and Leyf Bolden – decided it was time to move the Brew into even bigger digs and moved it over to an incredible location just south of the City of Luna in Malas Shard (see maps). It is here that The Golden Brew currently resides, along with the base of The Golden Knights Guild.

The Golden Knights welcome all adventurers looking for a stout beer, for a long story, or simply for a place that they can relax and share time with friends and enemies alike. As has been said of the Brew in the past, “You will find players relaxing in between expeditions or just enjoying each other’s company. If you’re in the mood for a good meal I recommend the hot and spicy drake ribs and fresh brewed ale.” You should also make sure to stop at the ORC HEAD on the way inside and pat it for Good Luck!

We also welcome all guilds and players who would like to use The Golden Brew for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or any other special event that you have a need for.

For questions or concerns, feel free to contact Joshua Rowan anytime!

One could almost say that the Golden Brew Tavern was one of the few remaining pillars of Baja’s original roleplaying community, along with what remains of the Kingdom of Dawn, the City of Avalon, the Mage Tower, the Dark Tower, and the Lumarian Bridge. The tavern was even featured in the Baja-Chesapeake-Pacific Cross Shard Tour, where James of the Mage Tower filled in visiting members of PaxLair (Chesapeake), the Ancient Order of Elders (Pacific), and members of our own community details on the Brew‘s long history, including stories of Ursula, Joshua Rowan, and Kita Talith.

The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance (BRPA), as the continuation and rebirth of the ideals held by the Baja Roleplaying Community of Legothir Sageon (BRC), hopes to do all that we possibly can to honor the memory of the Golden Brew Tavern, and renew the sense of community that those Golden Brew Players instilled within our hearts so many years ago. Nicholas the Old is currently consulting with other roleplayers and community-elders on the possibility of some sort of memorial being held in the coming year. We will make the announcement once plans have been made.