Last updated: June 30th, 2017

1) Who are you? What is an EM?

EM stands for an event moderator. EM Obsidian is the event moderator on Baja, an Ultima Online shard. We are tasked with providing LIVE and Baja specific events.

We interact with you, the player, using our role playing characters (RPC) . If you see a character with a gold name but walking and talking like a real person, then chances are it is one of our RPC. Using our RPC we spin tales to bring events with hopefully a more personal flavor.

2) How can we contact you?

Using the contact form will send an email to EM Obsidian. There were some problems with it which are fixed now.

3) I never see you guys outside of announced events. How come?

We try to play our RPC’s (role playing characters) whenever we have free time. However, this is largely random as we also have normal lives with everything that goes with it. Hanging out in Britain (West Britain Bank, Counselor’s Hall) and Skara Brae Faire Grounds (Trammel) will significantly improve your odds of running into us.

4) Can you give me your robe/ catch cheaters / answer why something does not work?

As event moderators, our job is to enhance your community experience by providing events. We do not have the training or the tools to be a GM, nor can we perform personal favors. As such, the answer to all of the above questions will be a no.

5) Can I invite you to attend an event I am planning?

Yes, you may invite us. If we have time, we will gladly come along on our RPC. However, we cannot help you with your event in anyway without prior permission.

6) I just heard about this program. How can I catch up?

It is not mandatory to be up to mark with everything that has happened in order to participate in an event. However, it can certainly enhance your experience and at times, even help with finishing the quest. The event outline page acts as an archive of (almost) everything that has happened so far. It is not really a brief summary but hopefully it makes it easier to access information. Furthermore, UO Stratics Baja news team does a great job of giving event summaries.

Special FAQ about Town Guard story line

This FAQ is pertaining to the town guards regiment started by Captain Nystad. I have noticed some confusion present amongst people regarding the town guards. One of the aims of the guard conference was to clear some of this while moving the story line forward. So here are some key points,

1) Is this a global event?

No, the town guard story line is something I am doing on Baja because of the underlying interest in it amongst the players. There might be guard related arcs popping up on other shards as well but they are not related to one on Baja.

2) Is this going to be strictly RP?

Yes and No. To a large extent this is a RP story line. However, there are plans for mini-events pertaining to training and such. The town guards also act as a rich trove of ideas for other events, as you might have noticed with the sewer arc.

3) Can I join the guards? What are the restrictions?

Anyone can join as a recruit to the town guard. There are absolutely no requirements at this point, except being a blue. Please understand that there is a fine line which when crossed makes RP overly complicated and not fun for a fair number of players. As such, faction affiliations are not going to come in play.

4) Town guards? Is that different from the Royal Guards?

Yes and no. Town guard  is a new regiment that Captain Nystad is developing. They are connected to Royal guards but not directly under their command. Think of different departments in a government.

5) Where can players go to find more information about the town guards?

You may find more information pertaining to the town guards on this website or in books locked down at the counselor hall.  Also, don’t forget to visit the guard tower by West Britain bank to find out what the town guards have been up to. Take a peek inside the book shelf to read their daily logs.

Conversely, you can also talk to me in game or use the feedback option to ask  a question. We appreciate getting your feedback or questions directly.

6) What if I hate the guards and refuse to join them?

Then the answer is very simple, do not join them! Go against them in the spirit of the game! Redcaps gang comes to the mind.

If you would rather not have anything to do with it then remember this is just one of many type of events we are creating. Your niche will be addressed as well!

Author: EM Seppo

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