Royal Guard

Royal Guard Information:


What is the Royal Guard?

The Royal guard is an elite force comprised of the citizens of Britannia, sworn to take up arms to defeat all forms of evil.


How do I join the Royal Guard?

Joining is easy! Simply attend the events that are designated as Royal Guard events. There will be at least one Royal Guard event per month, with some months seeing two.


Who leads the Royal Guard?

Currently, Vladimir the Ranger is the head of the Royal Guard, as appointed by King Blackthorn.


Is there a Royal Guard uniform?

Yes! The uniform consists of: Black dragon scale armor with a shadow gorget, shadow norse helm, regular thigh boots, an Abyssal cloth cloak, and a red natural dyed bardiche. It is not required to wear the uniform during combat, as it is ceremonial. Body sash color and type is left up to the individual, since sashes are often handed out as a Royal Guard reward.


Isn’t it supposed called the Town Guard?

This was the first iteration of the Guard on Baja. To keep things fresh and new, I have decided to call it the Royal Guard. Some players that were part of the original Town Guard may still wish to refer to themselves as Town Guards, and this is perfectly acceptable! I will even allow reward titles to reflect upon a player’s town of residence or preference. For example: “Town Guard of Vesper” or “Captain of the Vesper Guard”


Wait, you mentioned reward titles?

Yes! At each Royal Guard event, there is a point system kept track of by EM Obsidian. There are a few ways to accumulate points at each event:


-Being present for the “rollcall” at the beginning of each event. The rollcall will always take place in King Blackthorn’s Castle Courtyard.

-Being in uniform for the rollcall will result in a bonus point.

-Showing heroism, Honor and Valor during combat-oriented events will result in a bonus point.

-During an “investigation” themed event, being the first to follow up on the correct clue will result in a bonus point.


Roughly every six months, there will be a Royal Guard Coronation Ceremony, where titles will be bestowed upon the players who have accumulated the most points.


Is it possible to go negative in points?

This is something I am still brainstorming, and considering. It would add an element of evil to the Royal Guards by those who wish to play a nefarious type of character. Looking for some feedback from you, the players on this…


Is there a headquarters for the Royal Guard?

One is planned, and in the works.


If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to email me at: