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Dark clouds gather on City of Paladins (Dawn of Hope)

Dawn of Hope Start Date: August 4, 2009 End Date: To Be Determined Author: Draconi She kneeled in front of the wooden chest, gently brushing her fingers atop the aged mahogany.  The corner of the house was quiet; her only…

No smoke without fire!

Lord Casca tried to calm his mind as he tried to digest the information provided to him by his spy. The humiliation that he felt at the escape of Aino Nystad, coupled with the ineffectiveness of his mercenary campaign, had left him frayed and frazzled.

So, the wench’s brother had formed an alliance with the rebels…

“Operation Royal Flush, sire!”, his spy had informed him.

But it was the mention of Dawn which really heckled him. In their current state, the rebels and their operation, remained a group of outlaws with little support amongst the aristocrats. However, this could change drastically if they managed to recruit Dawn. Not to mention, the popularity she still enjoys amongst the Royal Guards. The combination of Aino and Dawn could tilt the

Easter bunny comes to town! (update)

Hear ye, Hear ye, Reports are arriving from our scouts of a cute little bunny that is coming to town. Based on our best projections, it is expected to reach Britain by this Friday Sunday, despite Lord Casca’s objections. Amongst…

Cloak And Dagger

Rise up followers of Shadow Lords! It is time to heed your calling! Title: Cloak And Dagger Location: Secret Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2009-03-29 End Time: 15:30